About the Transplant

Joe's 10/10 (full match) male donor comes from Canada, is CMV negative (same status as Joe which is excellent news), aged 35 & weighs 98kg!

The donation was taken in Canada on Thursday 18th May, flown over 'fresh' (not frozen) & the transplant took place on Friday 19th May - 19.00hrs


We travelled down to Bristol on Monday 8th May, Harvest of Joe's marrow Tuesday 9th May

Before transplant, Joe had various heart scans/checks & a dental check-up.

Then, procedures done known as 'work up' including more chemo, some radiation to zap all the cells from his Bone Marrow (called Total Body Irradiation or TBI). These days will start at say, -7, -6, -5, etc etc leading to day 0 which is transplant day!

On the day of transplant, Joe went into the isolation bay & stayed for 24 days.

He was allowed 4 named visitors over 16 who visited him for the isolation period. They wore special clothing & new footwear whilst in with him to minimise cross infection being passed through clothing.

When allowed out of isolation, we went back to Sam's House where we stayed for another 18 day before being allowed home on day 42!

Joe now needs regular blood tests done (currently 3 times a week) to check his levels in his blood & has 'top-ups' according to his needs - this is mainly done IV



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